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About the author

In modern Croatian art there are several authors who are inspired by the world of technological reality or vary its manifestations in various stylistic categories. One of the currently most consistent is Blazekovic, a painter from Zagreb.

Although in the beginning, in his thematically heterogeneous artistic practices a new technology marked motive appeared, in front of the primacy of expressive gestures and the slurry colour it became secondary, rather accidentally than consciously chosen.

Only recently on his canvases, first the various elements of the computer world were painted, and then, systematically and with much more interest conditionality, the world of robotics and high-tech content. The author’s fascination with this area of ​​human activity, which for an average (un)informed observer belongs to some exotic, futuristic, enigmatic discipline of human interest, in the relations between hobby innovation, hermetic scientific disciplines, the fear of high technology and utopian world, had once to come out of casual hobby playfulness, therefore, within the primary author’s activities, within the painting practice.

Marijan Špoljar