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Blazekovic was born on 26th June 1970 in Zagreb. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in 1989. That same year she enrolled to the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 1993, painting department, in the class of Professor Zlatko Kauzlarić Atac. He lives and works in Zagreb, Erdödy Street 13.


2011 “Inter Imago Armory”,  New York

2004 “Untitled”, Gallery ” Ateljeji  Zitnjak” Žitnjak, Zagreb

2004 Exhibition of HDLU members, Gallery “Ring”

2003 Christmas exhibition,  Gallery “Ulrich”, Zagreb

1993 “Exhibition of academics,” Gallery “Ulrich”, Zagreb


2014. “Letjelice”, Galerija “UMJETNOST OSMIJEHA”, Zagreb

2012. “No SF”, Muzej Međimurja Čakovec, Čakovec

2011 “Flowers,” branch “Volksbank”, Zagreb

2009 “Robots”, Gallery Matica Hrvatska “, Zagreb

2009 “Zagreb panoramas 3” restaurant “Galerija”, Zagreb

2009 “Zagreb panoramas 2”, Hotel “Laguna”, Zagreb

2008 “Zagreb panoramas,” restaurant “Gallery”, Zagreb

2007 “Horror vacui -robotics” Gallery “Stancic”

2007 “Veduta” Bank “Volksbank”, Zagreb

2006 “Untitled”, Gallery “” Turnac ”

2006 “Untitled”, Gallery “Vladimir Nazor”, Zagreb

2004 “Modern technology people,” Library “Vladimir Nazor”, Zagreb

2004 “Portraits” gallery “Ulrich”, Zagreb

2002 “Light path,” Vladimir Buzančić Gallery, Zagreb

1998 “Light testimony,” The Club “Gjuro 2”, Zagreb

1994 “Exhibition miracle” Gallery “SC”, Zagreb



2011 Happening  “Letter, images, sound” – an exhibition in an apartment, Erdodyjeva 13, Zagreb

2012 Happening 2- an exhibition in an apartment with a lecture, Erdodyjeva 13, Zagreb

2012 Happening 3 “Syria” – an exhibition in an apartment, Erdodyjeva 13, Zagreb



Mobile: +385 (0)95/656 9171,


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